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Long school holidays mean one thing for those lucky enough to get them: plenty of time. The trick is how to use this in the most rewarding and productive way. Volunteering is increasingly seen as valuable currency when it comes to job interviews and university entrance.

Young people could take part in something as exciting as a fortnight-long overseas expedition to help rebuild a school. This could be something organised through GAP, Scouting or other organisation with the infrastructure already in place. Equally, it could be something closer to home like running a tea and scones stall at the village cricket club.

Ways to volunteer

Most organisations have embraced the idea of flexible volunteering – which means taking what you have to offer and building something around you. If you can only volunteer two hours a month, then they’ll find something that will allow you to do just that.

Some ideas to get you started

  • Run a stall, or help with car parking or marshalling at a local fete.
  • Hand out water at a fun run.
  • Take part in some forest conservation work, or help clear a local footpath.
  • Get involved in a local youth club or summer play scheme
  • Cut the grass or do some DIY for your local Scout Group.
  • Help out at a local or national festival
  • Be a First Aider at a summer athletics meeting.
  • Help out with holiday cover at a charity shop.
  • Help with a day trip for local children with special needs
  • Get involved in beach clearing
  • Look for volunteering opportunities at the local zoo
  • Help an elderly neighbour with some gardening

Finding out more

Volunteering for Scouting
Or contact us directly at the 15th Sutton Coldfield West Scout Group.